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This is the page that tells you everything you need to know about Force for Good and if it doesn't do let us know! 

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What would you like to know?

All the basics you need to know

What is Force for Good?

Simple. Force for Good is a global fundraising and social platform, aka. the world's first social impact network! We enable individuals and charities around the world to raise funds for the organisations we recognise as being 'for Good'.

Why is Force for Good different?

At Force for Good our mission is to bring charities, individuals and companies together as communities to make a bigger impact. Benefits to charities include:

- A Social Network connecting individuals, companies and charities to drive change globally
- Empowering charities with less digital resource - Opportunity to activate corporate partnerships - Access to multiple new sources of fundraising! - A platform for creating communities to engage in causes, as well as two way story-telling through rich content - Making impact more transparent, engaging and connected - Features to drive donor engagement, stickiness and loyalty.

Why is it good for Charities?

Through Force for Good, charities can benefit from being able to connect with wider, more engaged audiences, drive deeper and more meaningful relationships and ultimately dramatically increase donations. This and so much more!

My charity appears but we haven’t registered yet. Why is this?

Force for Good has partnered with Percent and their Donor Advised Fund, The Intelligent Foundation (Charity Number: 1192508), to process all donations to charities outside of those officially registered on the platform. Your charity is appearing, because you are registered with Percent. For more information on this please contact Percent at

How do I sign up?

To register as a charity on Force for Good you must have an official Charity Registration Number, with a registered board of trustees and be listed on the Charity Commision website. If this is you, please do get in touch with the team today at

What is the sign up fee for charities?

We structure our payment processes and fees to try and ensure that 100% of all money donated through Force for Good goes to charity. In fact it doesn't come through us at all!

To facilitate this, we use payment processing services of Stripe and Percent.

Recieving donations directly through Stripe
If your charity is registered with Stripe, all donations will be sent directly to the Stripe account registered and will not by-pass through Force for Good. Stripe is a FCA registered payment processor. Please note this is only available where your chosen charity has registered with Force for Good and has Stripe account, and that Stripe will charge fees for payments (set out further below).

For full details about setting up a Stripe account to facilitate the direct payment of donations, please refer to our Charity Terms & Conditions here.

Recieving donations indirectly through Percent
If your charity is registered with Percent, your donation will be paid indirectly via Percent and their Donor Advised Fund: The Intelligent Foundation (UK Charity Number: 1192508). Using Stripe, the funds go directly to the Intelligent Foundation, who then passes all donations to registered charities that have passed their Anti Money Laundering and Compliance checks. This makes it easy for donors to make a donation to the charity of their choice.

For full details about recieveing donations indirectly via Percent, please refer to our Charity Terms & Conditions here.

Neither? No problem, get in touch with the team at and we can talk you thorugh the options!

How is Gift Aid processed?

Good question and we have written a full guide on this! Please refer to our Good Fundraising Guide for all information on how Gift Aid is processed via Force for Good and how as a charity you can claim it.

Do you have a Fundraising Guide?

For our full guidance on best practice fundraising please refer to our Good Fundraising Guide.

Where can I find your T's & C's for Charities?

You can find our terms & conditons for charities Charity Terms & Conditions here.

What is your Privacy Policy?

You can find our Privacy Policy here.

Do you have a Fundraising Guide?

You can find our Good Fundraising Guide here.

I would like to close my account on Force for Good

We are so sorry to see you go - are you sure we can't persuade you to stay...?!

To remove your profile on the Force for Good platform please email us at

Please note, by removing your presence on Force for Good, you will no longer be able to access your back end account or any associated data. If you have any queries please do not heesitate to raise them with the team when closing your account and we very much hope to see you back with us at some point in the future.