Complaints policy

We are committed to making the Force for Good experience, a positive one for everyone. So if you have something to get off your chest - let us know!

At Force for Good, we are committed to providing a complaints procedure which is clear and easily available, allows everyone who uses our platform to update us on any issues they encounter in using our services, and ensures we take on feedback and – if necessary – take action to put concerns right.

If you are at all dissatisfied with your experience using the Force for Good platform please contact us through this procedure.


How you can make a complaint

We want to make sure everyone using our platform is treated fairly – that includes all donors, fundraisers and charities in their dealings with each other. We use third party payment processor, Stripe, and Percent as a grantor of donations for our charity partners on the platform.

You can send any complaint you may have for our team to review to We ask, so that we can provide a full response, that you let us know in your email all details of:

  • the nature of your complaint

  • the details of any incidents to which it relates

  • any fundraising page or post on the platform that has given you concern

  • any suspicion you have of fraud and/or a breach of our terms.

To ensure any complaint you have regarding the payment or use of a donation, can be dealt with as quickly as possible please first contact the charity intended to receive the donation and the payment partner used to process the donation.

Acting as a platform and not an intermediary for donations we do not hold, or take responsibility for the transfer, receipt, use or return of funds processed between our users, charities and payment partners.

If after contacting the charity in question, your complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved please do still send your complaint to us at the email above to ensure we are aware of these issues and can consider what contact is required with your chosen charity, Stripe and/or Percent.

We ask that wherever you suspect any fundraising page not to be genuine, or otherwise suspect fraudulent activity you please raise this with us as soon as possible through our complaints email, above.

How we will respond

We commit to investigate any complaint we receive about fundraising on our platform within a reasonable timescale and to advise you:

  • of the outcome of the investigation in writing, no more than 28 days after we acknowledge receipt;

  • of our proposed remedies to the situation within our powers acting as a platform, including any engagement with third parties relating to the complaint;

  • of the opportunity to refer the complaint to any regulator of fundraising in your country if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of our investigation, provided you do so within two months of our response (except where the relevant regulator allows a greater period of time in which to do so).

Our record-keeping

We will ensure we keep a record of all complaints received, which will include details of the complaint, the date it was received, details of any investigation we have undertaken and a copy of all communications regarding the issue.  We will retain your records in accordance with our privacy policy for at least two years from the date of your complaint as well as making these available for inspection for any local fundraising regulators. We will anonymise and/or use these records in compliance with the data or privacy laws required.

Note for users in the UK

Please note that having followed our complaints procedure the regulator to whom you may send a complaint, within two months of our response, will be either (or both) the Fundraising Regulator or the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel.