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If you are a Charity, we have a special Charity FAQ section just for you!

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The good to know bits

What is Force for Good?

Well you are in the right place to find out!

Force for Good is a global fundraising and social platform, enabling individuals and charities around the world to raise funds for causes they care about.

Why is Force for Good different?

It's the first app connecting individuals, companies and charities - coming together to drive change, through Virtual Challenges, Impact Circles, Fundraising Campaigns and more. We've moved away from transactional giving to empowering communities of people to do more together.

Can I trust Force for Good?


(Ok, let us expand on that!)

Here are just 5 examples of why you can trust Force for Good.

1. We protect our partner charities funds. All our charitable donations belong to the charities, and are passed to the charity directly, or via our partner Donor Adivsed Fund, meaning the funds never go via Force for Good.

2. We use Stripe, which is an FCA regulated payment provider.

3. We do thorough due diligence on all the charities that onboard onto Force for Good, ensuring the charity is registered correctly in their country and provides accurate and up to date information.

4. Your personal information is secure. We take data security and privacy incredibly seriously and only ever share your data with the charity when you've opted in.

5. We are building an app 'for Good' and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and quality with regard to who we hire, and how we operate.

How much of my donation goes to the charity?

100% of the money you donate goes to the charity, if you opt in to cover the credit card fees. Sadly, these are out of our control and we've negotiated non-profit rates where possible. At Force for Good, we NEVER take a cut of charity money. We simply have a discretionary service fee and we have it so we can keep running. However, to make sure this is done in line with our own values and goals of striving to make giving back simple, transparent and connected, no user is required to pay a fee to Force for Good to make a donation.

What is the payment processing fee?

The current Stripe payment processing fees are as shown here.
Stripe payment processing fees Force for Good does offer the ability for donors to cover the Payment Processing Fee. This allows the donor to 'pay forward' the cost of access to Stripe or Percent, depending on which of these services you choose, and/or their applicable card or banking provider's fee, which otherwise be chargeable to the charity they are supporting.

How does my donation get to the charity?

Force for Good sends the money directly to our Charities that have provided their Stripe details. For all other charities, we send the funds via our secure partners at Percent and their Donor Advised Fund, the Intelligent Foundation (Registration 1192508).

Do you process refunds?

Because we allow the direct processing of donations to charities, we have no immediate right to request this money back! For this reason all donations are non-refundable unless required by the law. In the instance where you have made an error in your donation please notify your banking provider, and Stripe or Percent as relevant, immediately. You can, having contacted all charities and providers involved, also make a complaint to us for our review through our complaints procedure. As we require all recipients of donations to be registered with us, subject to due diligence and eligibility requirements, we have a number of safeguards to protect donor money against fraud. If however you suspect any fundraising page not to be genuine, or otherwise suspect fraudulent activity please notify your banking provider immediately in respect of any donations you have made and raise this with us as soon as possible through our complaints procedure.

How is Gift Aid processed?

UK users can opt in to enable their beneficiary charity to claim Gift Aid. To do this, you must consent to share certain data with the beneficiary charity where paying via Stripe, or via Percent and the Intelligent Foundation (as they will receive the donation as our payment partners).

Please be aware, the optional payment processing fee this does not form part of the donation made to charity upon which Gift Aid can be reclaimed. For more information on Gift Aid, please refer to our Force for Good 'Fun'draising Guide - and we can attest to the fact it is fun, see for yourself...

How do you use my personal data?

We actually have a whole section on this in our Privacy Policy - check it out!

What security is in place to protect my data?

We have put in place all physical, electronic and managerial procedures and systems to safeguard and secure all personal data we collect, in line with industry guidelines. We also ensure that this is fully guarded against risks of unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or destruction, through reasonable and appropriate security measures.

Do you have a Fundraising Guide?

For our full guidance on best practice fundraising please refer to our Good Fundraising Guide.

Where can I find your T's & C's?

Hooray! We are glad someone wants to read them, we spent a long time writing these! You can find our user Terms & Conditions here. Enjoy!

What is your Privacy Policy?

Winner of The Most Informative Read Award by The World Privacy Policy Awards..... alright maybe not, but it is still pretty good. You can find our Privacy Policy here.

I need to make a complaint. How do I do this?

Oh no! Please check out our Complaints Policy and we will seek to address it as soon as we can. Stand by caller!

What currency can I donate in?

For now GBP but many more to be launched soon!

Are there countries you do not accept or send donations to?

Whilst we would love to be open to the whole world(!) unfortunately, there are some countries that we are not able to facilitate donations to due to a variety of government and/or legal restrictions. However we will keep reveiwing this list on frequent basis and if anything changes we will be sure to update it asap. Thank you understanding.

Current countries include:

  • Afghanistan
  • Haiti
  • Libya
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Syria
  • Bangladesh
  • Saint Lucia
  • Timor-Leste
  • Kosovo
  • Iran
  • Myanmar (Burma)
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Central African Republic
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan
  • Turkey
  • South Sudan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Palestine
  • Lebanon
  • Ghana
  • Cuba
  • Kosovo
  • Sudan
  • Korea (North)

Using the app

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