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Enhancing philanthropy through tech

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Global Impact

Tired of not knowing what your impact is on the world? Force for Good tracks impact – on an individual, company, charity and global level, in real time. We make philanthropy more transparent, ensuring you know the impact you and your community have made.

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Social Feed

Made a donation or taken part in a challenge and don’t know where to share updates? Our social feed enables you to share your impact with the world, and follow the change your friends, family, colleagues and connections are driving.

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Impact Circles

Want to be part of a community of likeminded people that are passionate about similar causes? Our Impact Circles allow you to create communities of changemakers to drive change for a specific cause.

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Virtual Challenges

Force for Good gives you (individuals, charities and companies) the opportunity to create and take part in virtual challenges to raise money for causes you're passionate about!

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Company Impact

Join your companies' community and see what your colleagues care about. Join live events, meet ups, challenges and more. Some companies may even match whatever you raise through Force for Good!

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Charity Campaigns

We host 1,000s of charity campaigns on our platform. You can explore these and donate to a fundraising effort that aligns to your passion. An opportunity for charities to reach a far wider network!

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Secure Donations

We make donating as simple as it possibly can be. With two taps, your donation is processed and reaches your chosen charity, through a campaign or challenge. We track these donations, so you'll always know how much you've given.

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Live Broadcasting

And hear from some of the world’s most influential thought leaders through Force for Good, live!