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Finding purpose through community giving & the power of Impact Circles

Updated: Jul 6

In today’s fast-paced, technology-filled world, where we are being pulled in so many directions at once, finding your place and understanding your purpose is becoming more important than ever. But there is no doubt, those who find it, lead happier, healthier and more balanced lives.

Whilst purpose is entirely personal to every one of us, there are some strong suggestions that finding and being part of a community, as well as the act of giving back, both play a big part of the puzzle.

Tony Robbins, America’s top life and business strategist, says that;

"The importance of giving back to society can’t be understated. When you give back, you’re able to better the lives of the people around you – your loved ones, the people in your community or the lives of people somewhere else in the world. And finding meaning by giving back to the community doesn’t just benefit others – it benefits you."

The happiness health benefits In fact, by surrounding ourselves with communities who are devoted to making the world a better place and by helping those people or causes who need it the most, we can gain a unique sense of purpose, and in many cases, straight-up happiness. In other words, the act of giving back releases a boost of dopamine and serotonin (the happiness hormones). But one off, transactional giving won’t provide long lasting effect, instead donors need to find a cause that they are passionate about, that they can actively be a part of and where they can understand the impact that they are making.

The biggest hurdle However, all too often, there’s a gap between good intentions, time, resources, and the right connections to feel like as an individual, or even as a group we can make any meaningful and effective change. This can be a deterrent for many. And right now, at a time when the pandemic is still wreaking havoc across the globe and charities are suffering greatly - supporting them is more important than ever. Our solution Force for Good was born out of a strong desire to support people coming together over causes and issues that they are deeply passionate about- and in the process create deep and meaningful change, as well as raising much needed funds for charity.

With 1.4 billion people giving to charity last year, we believe there is no power for change greater than a community and we want to drive this change by leveraging technology to create a safe place for individuals who want to volunteer their support towards a better future.

We are the world’s first social impact network and the world's first digital community of like minded changemakers. Our mission is to disrupt the current charitable giving landscape by bringing together Individuals, Charities and Companies to form a community for good, making it more connected, accessible, engaging, tangible and transparent in the process.

The Power of Impact Circles At the core of the Force for Good app are our ‘Impact Circle’ communities. Simply, groups of like-minded changemakers, who are united through a cause or passion, enabling them to connect and collectively drive a positive impact in the areas they care about.

The benefits of joining an Impact Circle

  • Find your people

  • Share your passion

  • Give back and do good

  • Effect change

  • Drive impact

  • Understanding the difference you have made

  • Transform your perspective

  • Fulfill your deepest human needs

Finding your place

Whether you’re passionate about advocacy, climate change or helping the homeless and (many, many more), you can find a ready made group - or create your own - of people who share your passion for social change and where together you can make a bigger impact.

Of course, there are a millions of burning causes that require our attention, but the key to making a real difference is finding something that really motivates you.

We have hundreds of Impact Circles already on the Force for Good app and these are localised to your location and/or available on a global basis and remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can create your own!

A small sample of Force for Good Impact Circles to join:

  • Books for All Circle

  • Black Lives Matter Circle

  • Beach Clean Up Circle

  • Single Mother Support Circle

  • Housing Support 101 Circle

  • Stop Asian Hate Circle

  • Eating Disorder Support Circle

  • Stop Gun Violence Circle

  • Animal Protection Circle

  • Board Diversity Circle

  • Everyday Heroes Circle

  • Ending Climate Change Circle

  • Cyclists for Good Circle

Force for Good is launching soon. To be first to hear about the app, sign up to our priority waitlist.

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