• Lucy Bennett-Baggs

How reliant are we on millionaires to make a difference?

Updated: Jul 6

The 3am diaries by CEO & Founder, Lucy Bennett-Baggs

Over the last few days it has been announced in the media that Bill & Melinda Gates, Ford, Open Society foundations have all made commitments of $2.1 billion, $420 million, and $100 million (over the next 5 years) respectively, to advance gender equality globally. This is in addition to the further announcement that MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who has also pledged a ‘significant’ portion of her recent $2.7 billion donation to a non-profit focused on women’s rights (the exact amount has not been disclosed). There is no doubt that these very generous and sizeable donations will help make a substantial step forward for gender equality around the world.

In fact, today, over 88% of individual giving comes from just 12% of donors, meaning major donations currently account for the majority of the giving landscape. But, we have all seen the impact that can be made when we come together for a cause or reason, so often directly in response to a deeply emotive news-trending tragedy, disaster, or shocking statistic. The 2019/2020 Australian bushfires and the tragic death of George Floyd last year, are two such examples of powerful and focused community-lead, giving campaigns that raised millions of dollars from passionate everyday and casual givers. Demonstrating the power of what can be achieved when we rally together for something we truly care about.

This is exactly why I founded Force for Good. Taking this collective energy for making a difference and creating a place for passionate, empowered and informed communities of aspiring changemakers from around the world. Through this single digital community, individuals and charities can come together and seek to drive long-term change and make a continued tangible impact, supporting causes that also go beyond the day’s burning headlines.

It is my belief, that by making philanthropy more connected and transparent, where causal givers can see, track and understand the impact they are making, we will be able to dramatically shift the needle on our reliance on major donors to be the catalysts for change.

From this point forward and through Force for Good, we can be the change.

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