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NOW is the time.

The 3am diaries by CEO & Founder, Lucy Bennett-Baggs

The headlines over the last few days have been distressing in many, many ways. From the economic instability and government uprising in Lebanon, to the deadly earthquake and now threat of an incoming storm in Haiti, to the uncontrollable wildfires fuelled by the current climate crisis raging in countries around the world. All of these issues (and a great number of others) deserve the full attention of global news outlets, aid organisations and our collective support to raise money and awareness for these causes. However, one crisis has dominated all headlines and one which has struck a deep chord with the world over, is the plight of the citizens - particularly female citizens- of Afghanistan and what the future holds for them now the Taliban have taken control of the central government and all major cities in just 2 short weeks.

20 years ago, the Taliban regime was seen as one of the most regressive, oppressive and tyrannical leadership reigns in history and now the country and the world holds its breath to understand the degree in which the new regime will once again impose a deep threat to basic human rights, as well as the overwhelming threat towards the rights and security of women in the country. Over the course of the previous regime, women were banned from education, the workplace and given limited access to healthcare as well as being at risk from a higher risk of psychological and physical abuse through the authority of the father or husband. Yet, over the last 2 decades there has been notable progress, including decline in maternal mortality, much-improved access to key health services such as prenatal care and contraception; access to education and jobs, leading to careers for women, period. But even more impressively so, careers as judges, prosecutors, policewomen, legal aid workers, journalists and actresses as well as a vast number of other roles in public life. However, in the midst of it all, many donor countries to Afghanistan are cutting back on funding, including for programs vital for women’s rights which is likely to have devastating effects. Yet, whilst there are still organisations and activists on the ground who continue working and standing up for the rights of all, they will undoubtedly need the support of the international community. Thus, now is the time that we all need to come together as the future Force for Good community. As whilst it might not be possible for us to individually bring about this change, we can collectively support the charities working on the ground in Afghanistan now, during these difficult times, to ensure that the basic human rights of all people are equally protected.

Here are some charities that are working on the ground in Afghanistan right now and who urgently need your support.

Together we can be a Force for Good. Join the waitlist to play a part in this solution moving forward.

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