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How to stay on top through turbulent times

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The Charity Sector Resilience Marathon 2020

According to a BBC article the other week, as the pandemic restrictions in the UK start to ease, people’s spending patterns have begun to shift back towards more traditional 2019 spending habits including an increase of spending on dating, their pets and giving to charity! This positive spending shift will, of course, be an overwhelming relief to the majority of UK charities, whilst also providing a ray of hope for charities around the world of which 75% of them have spent almost 18 months struggling to delicately manage the sharp increase in demand for their services against a significant decrease in funding whilst also managing decreased access to international projects in need, as well as dramatically decreased support from essential volunteers.

However, with the global roadmap towards ‘a new normal’ proving to be extremely volatile - with countries much of the world facing woefully slow vaccination rates, new lockdowns and continued restrictions - the full extent of COVID-19 on the charity sector still remains largely unknown. Thus charities must use any periods of relative economic stability and the boost in people’s propensity to give and freedom of movement to support, to recover as best they can and find new ways of building resilience towards stable futures.

This is, of course, only part of the solution and we must all do what we can to support the causes and charities we care about and help them continue to do their fundamental work, whilst building resilience for whatever the future holds.

We can do this by coming together and together we can be a Force for Good 💪

If you are interested in joining the Force for Good community, sign up to the waitlist! If you are interested in becoming a Founding Charity Partner on Force for Good or know someone who is, please do get in touch today.

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