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The decline of the influencer

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The 3am diaries by CEO & Founder, Lucy Bennett-Baggs

Yes, you heard it here first…! And how on earth did we get to this conclusion you might ask? Well it is all thanks to 23 year-old Amanda Gorman.

You might recognise her from President Biden’s inauguration earlier this year - and subsequently from booking all of the major talk-shows and securing coverage in all the major media, since. She is also the first person ever to be named as the National Youth Poet Laureat, with her work focusing on issues of oppression, feminism, race, and marginalisation. As you might expect, requests for her allegiance to brands and products around the world have come in thick and fast - alongside the promise of some staggering pay-checks.

Amanda Gorman, 23 year old American Poet extraordinaire. Shot for Vogue 2021
Amanda Gorman, 23 year old American Poet extraordinaire. Shot for Vogue 2021

However, Amanda with her newly found global platform, has decided to negotiate - hard. And in-turn has created an all new type of ‘Brand Ambassador’, with beauty giant Estée Lauder, who have now announced that Amanda will be an official ‘Global Change-maker’, seeing her focus on inspiring women and girls across the world, celebrating unsung voices, empowering change, and championing change-makers. She will act as the curator of the Estée Lauder Companies' new literacy initiative, to which Estée Lauder will be donating $3million over three years as a "pathway to equality, access, and social change."

But why is this so important? Well it’s a shift that reflects a different power balance between brands and the individuals that represent them and should this be adopted more widely, will no doubt start to see the decline of ‘influencers’ in the traditional sense and instead start to see a rise of people who stand for something meaningful. She has also shown us all that you don’t need to be an ‘influencer’ to drive the change you want to see and her disruption opens up the conversation for us all to consider how we can be most effective at making a difference.

Ultimately, this is exactly what we want to champion and support via Force for Good- a platform for people who want to affect their own positive change in the world and you don’t need to be a millionaire, a policy maker - or have the backing of a global beauty company- to make a difference. Instead, we can simply come together…

So whilst we will follow Amanda with great admiration for her tenacity in wanting to use her platform for good, we would like to invite you to join ours with the thousands of other change-makers already on the waitlist.

Together we can be a Force for Good 💪

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