• Lucy Bennett-Baggs

This is our new reality. Climate Change is here.

The 3am diaries by CEO & Founder, Lucy Bennett-Baggs

Our world is burning, literally, with several heat wave induced wildfires raging across continents in the past few months. 40% of Arctic ice has been lost since 1975 and between 2011 and 2020 the global temperature was 1.09°C higher than the pre-industrial average and heat waves, droughts, cyclones and heavy rains will become more frequent and common. This is Climate Change and not the version of Climate Change that exists as speculative theory; but the version that is rapid, widespread, intensifying and out of control.

A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released yesterday warns that the effects of climate change are going to impact the world for decades, if not for centuries even if we take immediate actions to stop all detrimental activities as many of these changes are irreversible. Just looking back at the headlines within the last 40 days tells us about the devastating effect of climate change that is taking place around the world:

  • Heatwave kills 116 in Oregon, 78 in Washington

  • Thousands flee their homes to escape fire in California, with 500,000 acres of land destroyed

  • 106 other large fires are burning across 14 states of USA

  • Temperatures touched a record 50°C - 233 people died in British Columbia and more than a million shellfish were boiled alive in the ocean

  • More than 150 wildfires are raging through the country, thousands had to flee their homes and 1300 were evacuated from Evia

  • Wildfires have engulfed forests, homes and vehicles, killing at least 8 people

  • Fires continue to rage through parts of the country while Venice has been flooded due to untimely rains

  • 150 wildfires are burning across the country

  • A freak flood killed 180 people with 150 other still missing

  • Floods kills nearly 20 people

  • Floods and landslides kill over 150 people

  • A mini-tornado hit Adelaide

  • Dubai had to cool the city down with artificial rain after temperatures reach record highs

The IPCC report, which has been authored by more than 200 global scientists and approved by 195 countries, connects these freak weather occurrences to climate change - all of which are man made disasters. And, these extreme weather conditions will only become more frequent and ultimately devastating in the days, weeks and months to come.

What needs to happen now, can no longer be done at a local community, country, or regional level but requires global efforts from every person on the planet coming together and taking steps that would help control climate change. We need to go far, far beyond our disdain for the use of straws, disposable coffee cups and plastic bags;

  • We must change our fundamental habits and ecosystems of convenience.

  • We must rally.

  • We must lobby.

  • We must speak up.

  • We must fight for change

  • We must come together.

We must become a global Force for Good. This is the only way our planet has a fighting chance. Join the movement to act on Climate Change by signing up to the Force for Good waitlist today.

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