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Unpopular opinion: Giving back is hard.

The 3am diaries by CEO & Founder, Lucy Bennett-Baggs

If you are born after 1980, you might identify with the fact that as a Millennial or Gen Z, the desire to give back and make a difference has likely been a prominent factor in defining your personal drive and sense of purpose. However, whether you are of either of these demographics or not, the current prominent burning issues and distressing times we are living in has no doubt at one time or another forced us all to consider how we can personally do more to contribute to a greater global good.

Yet, at odds with this, is the reality of actually doing something about it. With the process often feeling intimidating, overwhelming, inauthentic and a tad lacklustre, the empty space between well intentioned desire and meaningful action is becoming more and more apparent.

Here are 5 barriers to giving, that are currently preventing us all from doing more:

1. Not having enough to make a difference.

This is the assumption that a little can’t go a long way, but in so many cases you would be wrong. In your world, you may not think you have much to give, but consider that, amplified by tens, thousands or even millions. It’s really simple; when we come together and rally behind the same cause, goal or purpose, the impact made is dramatically magnified.

2. Lack of trust and clarity on where your donation goes…

It can feel daunting trying to pick a charity that will best support the cause you feel passionate about and once a charity has been selected, it is natural to want to ensure that it is being spent in a way that fully supports the change that you are advocating for.

3. Uncertainty about the depth of impact made (if any…!)

What happens now? Has that actually helped? How will my money be used?’ These are all valid questions that often pop through our heads when we commit to making a donation and typically we don’t usually get answers.

4. Giving can feel very transactional and unemotional.

Giving can sometimes feel very two-dimensional and functional, which is at odds with the emotional commitment it has taken to get to that point. The process also very rarely provides you with the satisfaction and reassurance of knowing that you are connected to something bigger and your donation is topped-up by people who have the same passion and drive for change that they do.

5. The only way is following the crowd.

You have the passion, the willing and momentum to drive change and it feels epic- but then you are forced to bring this to life in a way dictated by others and perhaps doesn’t feel authentic to who you are or what you want to achieve.

Now if only there was something in the pipeline to solve all this….(!)

Well, we jest, but yes Force for Good is looking to create a solution that responds to all of these reasons that prevent people from doing more to support and impact their community and the world around them. Quite simply we are tackling this, through the following ways:

  • Through Force for Good, every user has the ability to connect with likeminded changemakers in their community and around the world, who feel equally passionate about the causes. Through personal micro donations or creating your own fundraiser, be connected to ideas, opportunities and people that can support you in finding your own way to make a difference.

  • We are tackling the lack of trust felt between some donors and charities, by Impact Circles (Our Force for Good communities), which enable charities and donors to connect and ultimately form deeper bonds and relationships that can help to build a clearer understanding of how values align and what is being done to support the issues you care about. Easily explore those charities and causes you are familiar with and be introduced to many more you don’t.

  • We believe that helping people understand the impact they are making is crucial to the future of charitable giving. This is why, as a user you will be able to see a tally of your personal impact; your community’s impact; your company’s impact (coming soon) and also the cumulative impact of the full global Force for Good community- in real time.

  • Communities are at the heart of who we are. Simply, we are building empowered communities for people who want to connect to those who share their passions for change impact and social justice, whilst at the same time helping our users know and feel part of something much bigger.

  • We help you do it your way on your terms. In fact, it’s never been simpler to do more and give back on your terms. Whether it’s creating and rallying your own community of changemakers or setting up your own social or athletic challenge, go your own way, big or small it all makes a difference.

Force for Good is launching very soon as a fresh way to think, feel, connect and give to charities and causes. If you are interested in joining our future community, be sure to join our waitlist and we will let you know as soon as we have launched.

The #PhilanthropyRevolution is almost here 💪

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